Technology in Bloom, Wilmington University, May 10, 2014

Saturday, May 10th, 8:30am-1:15pm

Sandy McVey and Missy Wanstall's contribution to the event:

Holistic Learning: tools and techniques that nurture curiosity and promote engagement

To keep student's fractured attention spans on target many educators feel pressured to become entertainers. This session helps shift the focus away from the "sage on the stage" towards guided learning, a place where curiosity and interest in a subject drives students to meaningful engagement. You have great power. Behaviors developed in your class can have far-reaching effects. Not only throughout a student's educational tenure, but far into their professional careers. Educators like you, willing to give up a precious Saturday morning, have inspirational fire. You strive to develop new ways to rekindle and ignite the natural intelligence in every student. Whether it's clickers in the classroom, a Piazza discussion forum, or peer-reviewed video assignments, the use of technology to pique interest and spark discussion establishes a foundation for long-term learning. This fun session will showcase a selection of tools and actively apply techniques that can be used to enhance courses of every discipline, size, and delivery method.

co-presenter: Missy Wanstall, Psychology and English instructor, Delaware Technical Community College