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As promised to my recent class at Cecil College, here are some learning resources.  This resource page will stay published and grow as I gather more information on the subject.  All the best!
Buying Dreamweaver CS6 for Educational Use:

Visit and look up the "Dreamweaver CS5 Student & Teacher Edition Windows." Provide academic proof by scanning your Registration Form used to sign-up for Cecil College Dreamweaver class to create a jpg file, which they instruct you to send by email; or fax your registration form to the number they provide. They will not sell the software at the discounted price unless you present academic proof. The cost is $178.95 plus $10 for ground delivery.

Suggested Text:


Photo Resizer (  

This free web tool is a quick an easy way to reduce the file size and dimensions of individuals photos before posting them on your website. If you want to reformat batches of photos, use Mac's iPhoto or watch the utorial below to see how it can be done using Powerpoint.

Create a Fav icon

Use any picture cropped to a square shape as a basis for a favicon.ico. Add the file to your Google site Attachments to have it displayed in the web browser tab along with your site page name.

Add audio to a traditional HTML page 

To add audio files (no background music) that will play on traditional HTML website the audio must be embedded (wrapped) in a shockwave file. Web Audio Plus does a nice job helping you create those files. It's $37 from the creator's website or free from Watch this 10 minute tutorial to become a pro at this. Click this link to see it in practice.


Swappable images 

Dreamweaver swap image instructions:

YouTube Video to batch process images for web posting:


Click the "Full screen" icon in the right lower corner
of the 
video to see a larger version.

Using Powerpoint to Resize Individual Images

Using Powerpoint to Batch Process Images

Click the "Full screen" icon in the right lower corner
of the 
video to see a larger version.

Creating web page banners with Powerpoint


Visit and type in the keyword "tutorial" along with whatever you want to learn to find dozens, sometimes even hundreds, of community contributed learning experiences.

  • Start Here:  Learning CSS & Div


    Migrating from Front Page to Dreamweaver:

    Google Complete Search Optimization Guide 
    (though customized for Google Sites, many of the tactics hold true for standard websites)

    I cannot find my site when I search in Google or any other search engine: why not?

    You need to let the Google Search know your website exists: there are several ways to do this:

    1. You need to register your site's URL (web address) with Google Search - see Add your URL to Google;
    2. You can register your business on Google Places - see Google Places UK - Google Places US;
    3. You can register your site with Google Webmaster Tools - see Google Sites - Get Found in Google Search;
    4. You can add Google Analytics to your site - see Google Sites - Adding Google Analytics;
    5. The most powerful way to get into Google Search (and any other search engine) is to get other web sites related to yours to link to you.  This may not be easy but it's the most effective way to get into the search results and get a good ranking.
    6. Follow Google's advice for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in my Google Sites adapted guide - see Google Sites - SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Guide

    Getting in to the search engine results pages can take weeks, provided you follow the instructions in Google Sites - Get Found in Google Search, otherwise it can take months!  You can further speed up the process by getting links to your site on other websites of similar interest.