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7. Social Network Organization

Now that I've decided to become a social network butterfly -- how can communications be streamlined so I don't have to sign-in and update at multiple sites?

Consider using a social aggregation tool:
Google offers the iGoogle Home Page to add widgets that open windows to many personal and social online tools through one portal.

Mathieu Plourde recommends NetVibes dashboard to organize your online communication channels.

Or do some more research and find the best one for you...

Multiple postings from one source.
Remember to think about your networks and post appropriately. It may be easy to post updates to one source that feed out to multiple audiences, but the content should be relevant to them. You don't want your posts to be perceived as spam so consider directing updates about the new baby's latest antics in Facebook, not LinkedIn or the Gardening Club.

Posting Services: 

Atomkeep: is a cool tool for updating all of your social media profiles at once – it connects to your Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and other accounts and allows you to change bios and profile pictures with one action.