5. Create a Limited User Account

Consider doing your day-to-day computing, especially web-surfing and e-mail reading, logged in as a limited user. One of the things that make Microsoft Windows so vulnerable to attacks is that most users run it as administrators—users with full rights. This often means that any attack code that finds the system also has full rights. 

A Guest account with limited access built-in is pre-loaded into most Windows systems. However, computer owners don't usually identify themselves as a Guest. And they don't understand the protective advantages working in the limited mode automatically provides. You can still download email attachments. A safe picture or file shouldn't need your administrator password to open. And virus programs or spyware can't install themselves without prompting for your administrator sign-in permission -- simply don't allow them in. Limited-user accounts won't make you exploit-proof, but they will generally make you safer. 

Create User Account in Windows 7