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Wacky holidays to celebrate


            National Blood Donor Month

            Hot Tea Month

5        National Bird Day

6        Cuddle Up Day

8        Bubble Bath Day

10     Houseplant Appreciation Day

12     National Pharmacist Day

15     National Hat Day

18     Thesaurus Day

21     National Hugging Day

24     Compliment Day

28     Fun at Work Day



            Black History Month

            Creative Romance Month

2        Ground Hog Day

4        Thank a Mailman Day

6        Lame Duck Day

14     National Organ Donor Day

15     National Gum Drop Day

17     Random Acts of Kindness Day

28     Floral Design Day



            Irish American Month

            National Craft Month

            National Nutrition Month

1        Peanut Butter Lovers' Day

3        I Want You to be Happy Day

11     Johnny Appleseed Day

14     National Pi (3.14...) Day

18     Goddess of Fertility Day

20     Extraterrestrial Abductions Day

24     National Chocolate Covered Raisin Day

28     Something on a Stick Day

30     I am in Control Day


            National Humor Month

            Stress Awareness Month

5        Go for Broke Day

7        No Housework Day

13     Scrabble Day

14     Ex Spouse Day

16     National Stress Awareness Day

19     National Garlic Day

24     Pig in a Blanket Day

26     National Pretzel Day

27     Babe Ruth Day

29     National Shrimp Scampi Day


            Date Your Mate Month

            National Salad Month

            Wildflower Week - week two

1        Mother Goose Day

1        Save the Rhino Day

4        Bird Day

4        Star Wars Day

5        Cinco de Mayo

9        Lost Sock Memorial Day

11     Twilight Zone Day

14     International Pi (3.14…) Day

16     Wear Purple for Peace Day

23     Lucky Penny Day



            Candy Month

            National Adopt a Cat Month

            National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month

1        Flip a Coin Day

6        National Doughnut Day (1st Friday)

15     Smile Power Day

17     Eat Your Vegetables Day

26     Forgiveness Day

27     Sun Glasses Day



            National Blueberry Month

            National Cell Phone Courtesy Month

2        World UFO Day

4        National Country Music Day

7        National Strawberry Sundae Day

10     Teddy Bear Picnic Day

15     Cow Appreciation Day (UD Creamery Anyone?)

22     Hammock Day

23     National Hot Dog Day

27     Take Your Pants for a Walk Day



            Family Fun Month

            National Picnic Month

5        Work Like a Dog Day

8        Sneak Zucchini onto Your Neighbor's Porch 

9        Book Lover's Day

11     Son and Daughter Day

12     Middle Child's Day

13     Left Hander's Day

21     Senior Citizen's Day

27     Just Because Day

29     More Herbs, Less Salt Day

31     National Trail Mix Day



            Fall Hat Month

            National Courtesy Month

            Self Improvement Month

4        Newspaper Carrier Day

6        Read a Book Day

13     National Peanut Day

13     Positive Thinking Day

15     Make a Hat Day

19     International Talk Like A Pirate Day

28     National Good Neighbor Day

29     Confucius Day

30     National Chewing Gum Day



            Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

            National Vegetarian Month

4        International Frugal Fun Day (1st Saturday)

5        World Teacher's Day

9        Curious Events Day

18     Sweetest Day (3rd Saturday)

19     Evaluate Your Life Day

25     Make a Difference Day (4th Saturday)

25     World Pasta Day

31     Increase Your Psychic Powers Day


            Child Safety Protection Month

            National Novel Writing Month

            Week 3 Game and Puzzle Week

2        Look for Circles Day

6        Marooned without a Compass Day

12     Chicken Soup for the Soul Day

13     World Kindness Day

15     National Philanthropy Day

16     Button Day

17     Take A Hike Day

28     Red Planet Day

29     Square Dance Day



            Bingo Month

            Write a Friend Month

6        Mitten Tree Day

16     National Chocolate Covered Anything Day

18     Bake Cookies Day

21     Look on the Bright Side Day

27     Make Cut Out Snowflakes Day


Did I miss a wacky holiday that means something to you? 

Tell Me and we'll put it on the list!